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EMA Technology provide OpenVMS support and consultancy services.


We have been helping companies across the world manage their OpenVMS systems since 1992.



Many OpenVMS system owners find it difficult to source high quality and cost-effective OpenVMS support personnel. Many have to resort to expensive contract staff or entrust their OpenVMS systems to other disciplines on a best-efforts basis.


Many IT Departments cannot justify the cost of a full-time System Manager for their OpenVMS systems. However, these same systems are often mission-critical, and any failure can impact the business.


We provide OpenVMS system management and consultancy services on installations ranging from single VAXes to Alpha/Integrity DTCS multi-site clusters.


If you have virtualised your OpenVMS platform or you are planning to do so, we also have extensive experience in this area.


We offer a range of OpenVMS Support options:


Remote support:


If your support costs are spiralling out of control consider using our cost-effective remote support service.


For most support issues a presence on-site is not needed, just a good communications link into the OpenVMS servers.


One of our first actions when taking on a new OpenVMS Remote Support contract is to set up proactive monitoring of the systems. This entails setting thresholds and alarm conditions. We are then emailed through SMTP from OpenVMS to our desktops. Routine maintenance and housekeeping jobs are also set up to run automatically. We can then take immediate action to rectify the problem.


Full outsourced OpenVMS software Support:


At the other end of the scale, we can provide a permanent presence on site to support your OpenVMS systems. In most cases one of our OpenVMS specialists can provide the same support as a team of in-house support people.


Operating System upgrades and patching:


If day-to-day OpenVMS support is adequately covered by your staff but you are nervous about impending operating system upgrades or patching we can help.


Over the years we have completed an untold number of upgrades and patches to all types of OpenVMS systems.


Ad-hoc queries:


Some of our customers simply use us as 3rd line support for their OpenVMS support team. If a problem appears intractable they call us.


Emergency Recovery from failures:


If the worst happens you need to be able to call someone for help. Call us on 01335 347571.


Keep our number handy because we will always try to help whether you have a contract with us or not.


Our flexible OpenVMS services are designed to fit your circumstances , and your budget. Please contact us for expert and friendly advice.





















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