Having an effective and regularly tested OpenVMS Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity plan is essential. This is a requirement for many organisations.


EMA Technology can review your current OpenVMS Disaster Recovery plans, perform and document rehearsals, and activate a real recovery if the worst happens.


We provide affordable OpenVMS Disaster Recovery solutions to recover your OpenVMS servers quickly in the event of a failure.


Our OpenVMS Disaster Recovery service delivers the following:


Confidence that your OpenVMS backup strategy can successfully recover all data.


On many sites the backup regime was instigated many years ago and the assumption is that all data is backed up. This may not be the case.


Verification that your offsite OpenVMS backup tape storage complies with your recovery goals and timescales.


The availability and effectiveness of the tapes needed for any recovery should be verified, regardless of location.


Assurance that applications can run on a different OpenVMS configuration when needed.


OpenVMS systems are very flexible when ported from one server to another. The chances are however that disk names will be different on the new server. We have vast experience in porting OpenVMS and applications from server to server.


Detailed documentation.


A tried and tested Disaster Recovery plan is not worth the paper it’s written on if it’s not documented properly. We approach this with the assumption that the reader of the documentation has little or no knowledge of the system in question.


Compliance of the OpenVMS Disaster Recovery plan with your business’s wider Business Continuity strategy.


Rightly or wrongly these days OpenVMS is usually not the main platform most organisations. Priority usually goes to Unix etc. All the more reason for OpenVMS support staff to ensure that OpenVMS is not overlooked in the overall scheme of Business Continuity.


Verification that external data feeds will work when the OpenVMS system is recovered.


No system is an island and most OpenVMS servers have data feeds in and out. Once the system is recovered (maybe with a new identity) these feeds must still work.


A system in place to ensure that any infrastructure changes made to live OpenVMS systems are reflected at the Disaster Recovery site.


Regular (twice-yearly) Disaster Recovery tests make any mismatch less likely.


The goals of our OpenVMS Disaster Recovery service are:


Minimum disruption to your business in the event of a break in OpenVMS service for whatever reason.


Minimum OpenVMS downtime as a result of an unexpected event.


Maximum transparency for your users.


Regular rehearsals are essential to achieve these goals. EMA Technology will organise and conduct these vital exercises.


Please contact us for more details.



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