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AlphaVM-Pro is the commercial Alpha emulation product.


AlphaVM-Pro emulates the full range of Alpha processors.


It is designed to emulate mission-critical, clustered or non-clustered Alpha systems.


Host System Requirements:




AlphaVM requires a reserved host CPU core for each emulated Alpha CPU.


This means that if AlphaVM is emulating a single-CPU Alpha this requires at least a dual-core host system. Emulating a dual-CPU Alpha requires a 3 core system.


The host CPU must support CMPXCHG16B, SSE3 and SSSE3 instruction set features. This is the default on most modern CPUs.


The host CPU performance has a direct influence on the emulated system performance.


We recommend fast new Intel CPUs (at least 3GHz).




The host memory requirement depends upon the emulated Alpha memory size, and other emulator settings. The general requirement is as follows:


If the emulated system has N Gb memory, than the host system must have at least N + 2Gb memory.


Besides the emulated memory size, the following factors may influence the required amount:


Number of CPUs

Number of disks

Caching settings for disks.


Our advice is to configure at least N + 4Gb memory on the host system.


Ethernet Adapters:


AlphaVM maps the host Ethernet adapters to the emulated Ethernet controllers.


Note that mapping to Wireless Ethernet controllers does not always work.


It is advisable to have a separate host NIC for each emulated NIC.



Multiple AlphaVM Instances:


It is possible to run multiple instances of the AlphaVM emulator on the same host machine.


The host configuration requirements simply multiply by the number of AlphaVM instances.

For instance, if you run two similar AlphaVM emulated Alpha systems on the same host, the requirements are double that of the single instance requirements.



The host operating system must be Windows x64 6.0 or higher:


Windows Server 2008, 2008R2

Windows Server 2012, 2012R2

Windows 7, Windows 8


We recommend a server operating system, Windows Server 2008 or 2012.


We do not recommend Vista.


Virtual Platforms:


AlphaVM is supported on virtual platforms Hyper-V and VMware.  


So your Alpha can be emulated and then virtualised!



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