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EmuVM - AlphaVM Alpha Emulator

 Reasons to utilise Alpha emulation with AlphaVM



                                                AlphaVM Product Line



The professional version, replaces Alpha servers working in data centres or industrial settings.


The AlphaVM-Pro Alpha emulator has high performance and reliability characteristics. It's performance is on the level of the real Alpha systems and usually much higher.


AlphaVM-Pro is capable of replacing the DS10, DS20, ES40 DS25, ES45 class of Alpha systems. More information about the product is available here.

















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EmuVM - AlphaVM Alpha Emulator

AlphaVM - The cost-effective Alpha emulator

AlphaVM is a software product which emulates your Alpha hardware on an Intel platform.


AlphaVM emulation provides the functionality of an Alpha CPU but running on an Intel processor. AlphaVM can be hosted on either Windows or Linux and will run OpenVMS or Tru64 Unix.


Alpha hardware emulation provides many advantages in terms of stability, performance and cost.


OpenVMS or Tru64 Unix, all layered products and your applications will run unmodified on AlphaVM once emulated.


AlphaVM processing is transparent to DECnet and TCPIP network protocols. The AlphaVM emulator can be accessed on your network or cluster in exactly the same way as the ‘real’ Alpha.



AlphaVM Alpha Emulation - The true Alpha Emulator

AlphaVM utilises JIT (Just-In-Time) compilation technology to ensure extremely fast translation of Alpha code to native code.


The emulator is binary-compatible with Alpha hardware and will enable you to transparently move your Alpha applications away from a dependence on legacy Alpha hardware.


Using AlphaVM to emulate your Alpha environment will extend the lifetime of your OpenVMS or Tru64 Unix applications by removing the underlying legacy hardware platform.


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